When Lindsay, Hilary, and I were younger we had to do laundry as one of our chores. With Hilary being the youngest, Lindsay and I pretty much had the natural ability to choose what we wanted to do and have Hilary do what we didn't want to do. Nothing personal, just natural birth order! :)

Anyways...does anyone like to match and fold socks? Anyone?? Didn't think so. It sucks.

So us three would take all the laundry, put it in baskets, and then dump it all in the middle of the family room. There would be a lot because we were lazy kids and hated doing laundry, which means it would pile up until dad forced us to do laundry. Once we dumped it on the floor, we would all start sorting. Hilary however was on sock duty. Boo. Lindsay and I would start throwing clothes into the correct piles all the while launching socks at Hilary. We would always throw them at her until she was covered! 

Finally, one day, she'd had enough. She completely lost her mind, and while completely covered in mismatched socks, she stood up and yelled "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!"  Lindsay and I were pretty much petrified of the sock monster. I'd say we pretty much deserved it, but it was fun throwing socks too!

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  1. Bwhahaha. Petrified of the sock monster. Another hysterical blog. I'm over here cracking thee hell up and Ange looks over and says "Are you reading your sister's blog again???" I would pretty much be fine with us writing blogs for each other for all eternity.