BFF Sisters

My sister Lindsay and I hang out A LOT because we are BFFs. Anywho, we were driving around shopping and running errands one day when I drove past a roadside memorial. I asked my sister, "If I died in a car crash, would you set up a roadside memorial for me?" She gave me the weirdest look like that was an inappropriate question! Sisters need to know this type of thing! Anyways, she said that she wouldn't. I asked her if she wanted one in case it happened to her and thankfully she said no too. I am not making fun of roadside memorials or dissing them, but they just aren't our style (or Clint's either because we asked him). That is why we are BFF sisters. 

When Hilary was in town for the holidays, us three sistos were driving around and I sprung the question on Hils too. She was so surprised at the (odd) question too! She said "I guess...?" But we reassured her that they were not in our plans.

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  1. Hahahaha. Yay sister power! And no, it's not weird. Or "shaky" either. No memorial for you!