Last July my mom (aka Muzzy) and (the official) stepdad moved to California for my mom's new job at CSULB. Last October Clint and I visited her for four days. The weather was a little overcast and not too warm but we got a little sun and had a fun time checking out Long Beach.

 On the CSULB campus
At Seal Beach

Us Shopping in LA

Then for Christmas, Mom and Dale are staying with us for 2 weeks. They will be leaving Tuesday evening to go back to warmer weather. We have had a lot of family fun playing games and hanging out!

Muzzy and I were Team Lisa Frank...clearly dominating Team Unicorn (Hilary and Scotty)

Overall, it was nice to go see mom and then for her to come see us. Now, to plan the next vacation to California...

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  1. If I had been there Team Unicorn definitely would have come out on top! Yay for blogging again! Wahoo!