300th Post!

I started writing a post about my freezer meal cooking extravaganza yesterday when I realized that I was on post #300! Many of you wonderful people are newer followers but I have been blogging for quite a while...August 17, 2009 to be exact! I just started using Facebook to share my posts once I got pregnant!

To celebrate my 300th post let's play a couple games! Of course, games have winners!! What's the prize you ask? How about a small Amazon gift card!

Game #1
First you have to view my blog using the web version! Look at my blog archive and see if I have ever written a post on your birthday. If so, leave me a comment on that post that says Happy Birthday to me! Make sure you leave your name when you post a comment!

Game #2
Leave me a comment on this post with a fun or exciting topic to write about that I haven't written about before.

Game #3
Leave me a separate comment on this post telling me what you would buy from Amazon with a small gift card. I'm just curious what everyone is shopping for!

I will go through all my comments (make sure you leave your name!) and pick a random winner this weekend! But don't delay...I could close this party down at a moment's notice!!

Man this party was fun...better head to bed!


  1. I couldn't find a post written on my birthday. I didn't see any posts about geothermal features in Montana. Boring at the time but funny now.I would use a gift card for a new book for my Kindle. Jean the Bean

  2. You didn't write a post on my birthday!!! Ugh. As if!

  3. You should write about:

    1. fears about being a mother.
    2. Panic attacks.
    3. Your favorite sisters memory.

  4. I would get something off my Amazon wishlist. Maybe a game. Or a cup holder for my bike. Probably the cup holder since school is starting in a month and I will need it to hold my coffee on the way to school!

  5. Love all the baby blogs! So I would like to see baby boy's 1st Halloween blog, sure he will be adorable as ever. ;-)

  6. And with an Amazon card, I would find some little nifty back to school item for my niece.

  7. I haven't read much of your blog so I hope I don't suggest anything you've written about already. You have a lot of posts so that may be hard to do. You could write about how becoming a mother has changed you, if it has. I'm going to have to second Lindsay's suggestion of "fears about being a mother." We all have fears! :)

  8. Finally with a small gift card for Amazon.com - I'd probably get a book or two for my girls. We love getting new books! :)

  9. With an Amazon.com gift card I would get long necked stapler:)