11 Weeks

I'm such a big boy! 11 weeks old now :) and don't I look super cute in my overalls?

Likes: playing in his bed in the morning, fake crying, smiling, talking, following his mom & dad with his eyes, walking at the park

Dislikes: big hiccups

What's New in the Last Week: spitting up like it's his job, sleeping between 8 and 9 hours every night, being babysat for our date night

I bought a stroller fan since it was so hot this week! Every few minutes I heard the fan stop because he kept hitting it with his hand and foot! Luckily the blades are just foam.

I love to chew on my hands!

morning snuggles are my favorite :)

Hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa Briggs!

He loves his puppy pacifier!

"Let my people go!"
Good morning everyone!

Now that's a dirty diaper!!!

Lucy has to be all up in our biznaz!

Skyping with my aunt Lindsay!
Lindsay is actually coming to visit this Saturday! We are so excited!


  1. He is THE CUTEST!!! I can't wait to see y'all!

  2. Every time I see a new video, I think,"he can't get any cuter!" -- and then he does! Love this video!

  3. Happy Birthday To ME! (Parker is so cute! I didn't know you use cloth diapers! We love ours - most days! LOL We use disposables at night tho ;)