Laundry Room Makeover - Part 1

Our laundry room is hideous. It's not too bad of a space but it is the Bermuda Triangle of doors! This room is the entrance to the kitchen, basement, and garage. And all three doors open into the laundry room! Its a disaster!! So recently we decided to give this room a makeover!

This corner had a sink and a cabinet - both of which were nice but not really necessary. We are thinking about moving the sink into the garage. While the sink isn't a necessity, it is actually really handy because Clint comes home from work, mowing, and doing who knows what else and he is filthy! He scrubs all his filth off here before coming into the kitchen. Hopefully we can put this in the garage so that he can still use it to get cleaned up without tracking grime all through the house. 
We took the cabinet out but we have other storage plans in mind so we aren't really losing anything here.

The first thing we decided on when planning this makeover was getting rid of one of these doors! Obviously the garage door is important! We also want to keep the basement door for a variety of reasons, but a walking child in the next year is one of the big ones! So the kitchen door is the winner! Clint's first though was to just take it out but the washer and dryer can get kind of noisy so we'd rather have something. So what else can you do? Pocket door! My mom is going to be thrilled! She loves pocket doors! This will automatically give us more space because the kitchen door was the one door that was always open and taking up room!

Once the drywall is ready to be painted, we are going to take these cabinets and the rod of hangers down. We are going to replace them with a homemade shelf with 8 cubby hole openings (2 rows of 4). I am going to buy baskets to fill each cubby. The picture I took doesn't show all the wasted space above and beside the current cabinet. The shelf we are going to make with touch the walls and ceiling to maximize our storage space!We are also going to hang the rod under the shelf so that the rod doesn't sag or rip off the drywall/paint (like the shower rod is currently doing).

(like my exciting video!!)

Sunday Clint worked on the first step: taking off the door, taking off the drywall in the laundry room, installing the pocket door, and hanging new drywall. He needs to finish the casing and then mud and sand the drywall. Then we are going to paint! We are going to use the same color that we painted our extra bathroom. You can see the color here. Then we will lay a new floor! We are thinking a brownish color which would match the baskets I want for the shelves...something like these:

The plan for the corner that had the sink and cabinet is still up in the air. A couple things that we have in mind are:

*a fold-down drying rack like one of these:

*a fold-down shelf/table for folding laundry; kind of like these:

*and finally we are thinking about a small little bench with space underneath for shoes; although we can't decide if we want a corner bench or a straight bench:

One last idea I have is to put a small little shelf between the washer and dryer, but I'm not sure if there is enough room. The washer loves to jiggle around and a small shelf might help it stay put! And it would be easy access to detergent!

I can't wait for this little project to be done! It will be a nice room to first walk into when coming home!

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