House Update

Having the gender reveal party really put me into the decorating spirit this year. Clint has always wanted more Christmas decorations but I usually don't feel like getting too much out. It's a lot of effort putting it out and even more putting it away! I made it a little easier by spreading it out over a few random days here and there. Hopefully something will put away nicely so I can reuse them next year easily.


I really like the Merry Christmas garland I got from Target this year! Took forever to figure out where to put it!

Our stockings and Zoe :)

Our tree before any presents were underneath.
With my mom and stepdad in town, we had extra people helping get things ready (mostly for the party Saturday) but we got more things done that had been on our list. Dale helped hang the three frames I bought for our pictures from October. He also hung the butterfly mosaic I made in the bathroom as well as the new towel bar. Mom and Dale both helped Clint with the new shelf he installed in place of the ugly medicine cabinet that was in the wall. Clint got all the painting done too! The bathroom looks great now! 

We also started getting the baby's room cleared out. Here is the furniture too!

 Our house is finally looking more like our home!

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