Wedding Ring Fiasco

A couple weeks ago Augusta and I were at the gym working out like normal. Since high school I have always taken off all my jewelry. So, like normal I placed my wedding rings in my bag. After working out, we grabbed our bags and were leaving. I decided to put my rings back on and found that they were not in my bag. We went back to the locker room to look for them. Unfortunately I never found them :( I filed an incident report at the gym and also filed a police report. Clint and I checked out several cash for gold shops and a few pawn shops but had no luck. Clint called out insurance because thankfully we had insured my ring before we got married. Unfortunately we forgot to add my wedding ring. After a little back and forth with our insurance (and Clint using his muscle ;) we got a check last week to replace my ring. Sunday Clint surprised me and went to the Andrew's Jewelers and found my exact ring and reproposed to me :) 

When Clint originally proposed to me has placed signs in the neighborhood and was in my dad's driveway on one knee. We never got rid of the signs because they are special. I am glad we didn't and that he got two uses out of them (even though I wished he hadn't needed to replace the ring). On Christmas morning we opened our stockings and he surprised me yet again! At the bottom was a wedding band! So now I just need to get them sized and soldered together. 

Pretty sure that I am a very lucky girl. He is pretty much the best!

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  1. Those signs are so cute! I'm so glad he was able to find the same ring!