Week 23

Today is week 23! I am excited for this week for a few reasons! I start winter vacation after school on Friday :) Definitely ready for a break! I am also excited because my mom gets here late tonight!! On Friday my sister gets here too! Then finally on Saturday we are having our gender reveal party!!

Sleep: This part has been getting better lately! I haven't had to wake up in the middle of the night hardly at all which is nice because I am rested. I've been making sure to not drink too much water right before bed so I can sleep all night as much as possible. 

Body Changes: Other than my growing belly, I have noticed that the dark line below my belly button has started to show up! The first couple days I saw it I couldn't tell if it was an indention from my pants. But it's definitely not!

Food: Last Friday I over indulged in sweet/junk food and had my first bad reaction to that! Worst stomach ache of my life! Definitely learned my lesson! This Christmas season I will definitely need to be better so that doesn't happen again!

Symptoms: I have been sciatic nerve pain free for about two weeks! I think the baby finally moved off of it! Score! 

Movement: I felt the first 100% kick the other night! I could even feel it on the outside. The other movements I thought I was feeling may have been movement as well, but this one was way different! All morning today the baby has been jumping around! It's so strange to feel but pretty cool!

Things We Bought/Did: We had my dad's side of the family Christmas last Saturday and my aunt bought us the swing we wanted for the baby! I got it put together while Clint finished painting our extra bathroom. It is so cute!

Our house is officially decked for the holidays! When I post pictures from our party I will be sure to show off our decorations!

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