Merry Christmas!

Week 24 falls on Christmas! So far Clint & I (and obviously the baby) have been very spoiled by our families and friends! We have received many gifts (lots of cute clothes and many other other gifts). We are so grateful and appreciative for everything :)

Sleep: I have been getting up easier (on time) during the week, which has been really hard this year! Over the weekend I normally wake up between 6-8 which stinks! I usually can't fall back asleep but I like to play on my phone until I'm wide awake or Clint wakes up :)

Body Changes: Nothing has changed from last week. I am very glad that I have really only gained weight in my belly and not any where else!

Food: I haven't had any food cravings that last more than a day and definitely not anything strange! A few days I really wanted a cheeseburger and a couple days I really wanted a cinnamon roll!

Symptoms: Other than feeling hungry a lot and having a big belly, you might not realize I am pregnant from my lack of symptoms.

Movement: Out little baby boy is definitely a wild baby! I am now feeling movement all through the day! I can't wait for Clint to actually get to feel it!

Things We Bought/Did: Last Saturday we had our big gender reveal so we were busy planning that and I am really glad we had the party! I had a lot of fun that day!! Here are a few of the things we have received over the last week:

My in-laws bought a wagon for us/the baby for Christmas! I love it!!!
My friends Amy & George got us this cute chalkboard!
Lindsay bought us a different baby carrier! We already received a sling for me to use but this carrier can be carried in front or on the back and can be used up to 40 pounds. Clint is so excited ;)

Clint's aunt gave us this piggy bank! We passed it around at his Christmas after opening it! Gotta start saving for that college fund!
Clint's parent's also got us these cute owl bookends!

Next project: Baby Room!! Stay tuned for that!

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  1. Um hello? You didn't even mention that I got this week's pictue on the second shot?!?! Assist!