21 Weeks

Here I am in week 21! I think I am going to start using a weekly list/format for my updates! If  it bores you, let me know!

Sleep: I have been sleeping pretty good the last couple of weeks. I haven't been waking up to go to the bathroom either which is nice when it's cold outside of the blankets! I have been waking up for the last week with bad pain from my sciatic nerve, although it usually goes away within an hour. I still would rather not see a chiropractor. Let's just see if it gets worse.
Body Changes: I finally bought some Burts Bees Belly Butter last weekend. I had been shopping around for a while for a cream/lotion to use on my belly but they all smelly so bad. One reason they stink is that they smell like coconut, which is not my favorite scent. Well I just decided to buy one since my belly is definitely getting bigger. My fingers are crossed that I don't get stretch marks but if I do, I hope they're minimal! 

I also went to the dentist today for the first time since becoming pregnant. I had read a lot of things about your gums being really sensitive and to be careful about your teeth so I have tried to keep good dental practices these last few months. So far my gums hadn't bothered me at all but when the hygienist was cleaning my teeth, they sure were sensitive! I also had a cavity :( When I was reading different message boards, there were tons of women saying that they had 4-6 cavities while they were pregnant so I need to take extra care!

My ankle that I sprained a couple weeks ago has been bother me the last few days so tonight I am taking it easy! I really hope that I didn't do something to the ligament!

Food: I am the point where I am hungry every couple of hours but I can't really eat a whole lot because I get full fast. I have started to pack more snack for school that are easy to eat (and don't tease the kids too  much!). I have ate a ton of trail mix and better cheddars :) I also bought some strawberries, grapes, and pretzel goldfish! Last week I did some grocery shopping at Super Target (which I don't normally) but I bought the Target brand of fruit by the foot and they are SO GOOD! And not as sugary.

Symptoms:Other than crappy acne and sporadic sciatic nerve pain, everything is going great!

Things We Bought: I bought the baby's first stuffed animal today! Too bad Zoe thinks its for her! She whined for 15 minutes after I tried to get a picture of it.

Looking Forward To: I go to the doctor again on Monday so we should get to hear the heartbeat again! I am going to try to record it this time. We'll see how that turns out. We're also getting closer to our gender reveal party, my mom, step dad & sister getting here, and Christmas!!

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  1. Totally cute belly! Tell Baby Zoe I'll see if there are any screaming monkeys at HPB and reward her for being a good big sister ;)