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Picking out baby gear is exhausting! Friday after the dust had settled at most stores Clint and I decided to go check out Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby for any deals. We wanted to make a decision on furniture because a lot of selections could take up to 12-18 weeks to come in. Originally we bought a cute refurbished dresser. However, it would need painted and the drawers needed all new gliders. Clint has been working hard on the Farley house trying to completely fix it up as well as several home projects; he is not feeling up to doing work on a dresser right now. We are definitely keeping the dresser and I have been searching online/Pinterest (and waiting for my mother to visit) and I want to make the dresser into a table that we will put in the front entryway or in the dining room. Not sure yet! 
Babies R Us had a Black Friday deal that scored us a free crib. We bought 2 dressers (one long one and one tall one) to get the free crib (that converts to toddler bed and full size bed for the future). I'm not sure if we want both dressers in the baby's room right now. We can always use the tall dresser in our 2nd guest bedroom until we have another baby...way down the road :)
We also looked at strollers for quite a bit. My aunt in St. Louis is being very generous and purchasing the stroller & car seat of our choice. I have been looking online for a while now but it was good to check them out in the stores. Originally we saw two we liked but when we looked again at the second one we didn't like the stroller as much.
This is the Britax B-Agile and B-Safe travel combo. This set is a bit more pricey. It has excellent reviews on all the sites I have looked at. Clint isn't too keen on getting an all black set because he thinks it will be hot. What do you all think? The two things we both don't like is that you have to buy the tray for the baby separately and you also have to purchase a separate holder/organizer for the handlebar (drink holder and such). For the price of the set you would think these things would be included. The stroller is 16 pounds and folds with one hand (you pull a heavy dutty strap from the middle of the seat); both of which are big pluses! The car seat carrier weighs 10 pounds which is just a little heavy. I am looking into getting a carrier that you wear to try to share the load.

There are a few others we have looked at but I just can't commit! Any advice or suggestions?

We also looked at high chairs and play yards/pack and plays. These choices were hard to make! One - I like things to match :) Some things also have so many features/choices it's hard to decide (or decide to go without). We also want colors that aren't overly boy or girl for the future. I really like black and gray as well as turquoise and brown.

We are going with the Graco DuoDiner LX Highchair. It has really good reviews (easy to clean!) and it transforms as the baby gets older into a booster. I know we don't need it right away but if we get this now we don't have to get it later! If we don't receive one as a gift, we'll just get it when we need to.
We saw this pack and play at Babies R Us and it is so cute! I love the owl mobile and the colors :) We will be using this for the first few weeks for the baby to sleep in our room.

We also looked at baby monitors and a carrier like I mentioned above but I'll save that for later. I would love come input or suggestions if you have any!

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  1. Holly (Miller) DudekNovember 29, 2012 at 9:44 PM

    Congrats on the pregnancy! So, after reading past posts I have come to the following conclusion: since you have had an uncomplicated pregnancy, no crazy aversions and/or cravings and minimal sickness I am going to assume you are having a boy (I have one of each and girls give you trouble from the start). As for baby gear....I suggest getting all things (swing, carseat, highchair etc.) in neutral colors so when future baby/babies come you don't have to buy all new things. Seems as though you know what kind of pack-n-play you guys are getting so thats a check off your list. I currently have a highchair that straps to a regular chair that also turns into a booster seat (very good for space saving), I suggest shopping around for the perfect stroller/carseat (we don't care for the plastic(y) feeling of some. As for a carrier definitely research them and if you have a (select) few that you just can't decide between buy them all and try them out around (doing daily chores) the house with a watermelon in it and see what is most comfortable for you and take the others back. As for monitors if the baby rooms in with you for a few weeks/months by the time you put baby in its own room (unless on the other side of the house) you will hear him/her on the first wimper so you really don't NEED a video monitor (as long as the static isn't horrible you will be fine). Hope I helped a smidge. Good luck and happy hunting!