Week 17!

Today I am 17 weeks along! I am finally starting to get a little belly...although it kind of looks more like I ate too much for dinner! Next Wednesday is our doctor's appointment and I am really excited to see another ultrasound!
I received several maternity tops for my birthday and have bought a few myself but hadn't really needed to wear them until this week. I only have one pair of maternity pants (that Lindsay got me for my birthday but I need to exchange for a different size). I have been using the hair tie around the button method for the last week but my pants are starting to be a little too snug at the waist! I don't even want to talk about dress pants! You can't use a hair tie to get them to stay together so I think I might have to do some shopping. I did a couple new pairs of comfy pants because clearly those are important!
The worst symptom I have had to deal with recently is acne! It has started to attack me! Face acne is never good but just imagine have cleavage acne!! Ugh!
I have never been much of a drinker, just a margarita after school on Fridays but boy do they smell good! I may have to break into the margarita mix that Augusta bought me for my birthday (alcohol free!)!!
I have been able to sleep through the night way better than I did early on, although I am getting up at least once a night to pee! Getting out of warm blankets in the dark is no fun! I also have not been to tired like I was when school first started. I'll be glad to have more energy now!
Well I am missing election coverage so I'll wrap this up now!

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  1. Cute little bump! Good idea on the non-alcoholic margarita mix! Glad you're feeling better too!