19 Weeks

This weekend Clint and I were pretty busy. Friday night we went to a Pacer game with my dad and stepmom. They won 7th row tickets right behind one of the goals and they were great seats! The game was close until the Pacers blew it wide open in the 4th quarter and ended up winning by about 20. We have never really liked NBA games but we both had a lot of fun!

 Saturday I spent all day trying to fix my half-broken computer :( Yep, it was only working correctly for about a week! So I am in the process of saving important files but it is very slow and/or freezes often so it's taking a while. Then I will reboot :(

I also ordered several things! From the pictures we just had taken, I ordered a large print to hang over our bed, 3 medium prints to hang somewhere, one canvas to hang in our bedroom, Christmas cards, and invitations to our gender reveal party! One bad note - yesterday morning I realized that I forgot to put the date on the invite! FAIL! We'll see what I can do.

Sunday we headed to Menards to buy a new bathroom vanity, faucet, and floor for our extra bathroom! We took the old vanity out to put in the house that Clint is fixing up to rent; it was ugly and the floor is uglier! We are nearly finished! I grouted yesterday and now Clint just needs to install the faucet and put the toilet back in. I would really like it painted before Thursday but we'll see!

Yesterday was semi-eventful! I was chatting with Emily and Augusta and randomly sprained my ankle. I was just standing there and all of a sudden my ankle turned sideways and made the loudest cracks I have ever heard! Emily even heard it across the room. Our school nurse brought me an ice pack and I chilled in Emily's room for a bit and then drove home. Luckily I drove the truck so I didn't have to use the clutch (it was my left foot).  This morning it hurt something fierce, so I decided to head to the dr. just to make sure it wasn't broken. He didn't say it wasn't broken but he was pretty sure and he wouldn't do an x-ray since I'm pregnant. So he gave me a much better ankle brace than what I had. We'll see how it feels!

Today I hope is much better! I am 19 weeks...almost halfway!

Still haven't felt any baby movement but I hope I can soon! The Dr. said in about 2 weeks I should since the placenta was out front where you feel most movement. Fingers crossed :) Not much else to update! See ya!


  1. I like that your board says "baby and ankle are the size of a melon" haha. Sorry about your bad luck! Darn our family's weak ankles!

  2. hahahaha. I was going to say the same thing as Hil! My favorite part. But seriously...baby should know that we have weak ankles. She or he will inherit them. You should have had a proofreader for your invites goofy! Pregnancy brain can't be trusted! It'll be ok. Maybe you can make it a "party date: reveal" too ;)

  3. I think I am going to make gift tags that I will attach with the cards...and Clint was the proofreader!

  4. Gift tags are good. And Clint is your proofreader? There's your problem!