Week 22 & the Heartbeat

Zoe knocked the board over which made it smudgy. Also not sure why it looks so crooked!
Sleep: The last week has been a lot better than the previous couple. My sciatic nerve hasn't been hurting as much. I have tried using my body pillow more that I got a while back. I lay it right behind me so that I sleep on my right side or i wrap around/hug it to sleep on my left side. Some mornings I wake up far from it or find it on the floor! Mostly it helps though!

Body Changes: Nothing really changed from last week other than the size of my belly. From the scale at the doctor's office yesterday, I have gained 7 pounds. I am really hoping to stay within the 25-30 pound range by the end but of course, we'll see!

Food: Drinking a lot of water is definitely been hard for me since I became pregnant. I was never much of a water drinker to begin with so it was hard to just initially drink it at all. I actually started out pretty good and then in the middle didn't drink as much. The last couple weeks I have been doing better again. I hate having to go to the bathroom a million times a day but I know it's best to drink lots of water! I heard that dehydration is one of the biggest causes of early labor and obviously I don't want that!

Symptoms: Nothing has been bother me lately or really the whole time. I hope this section stays short!

Movement: I can finally add this section! I have been feeling small movements on the sides of my belly the last few days. Can't feel them from the outside and they don't last very long, but it's finally something!

Things We Bought/Did: Old Navy had a bunch of clothes on sale this weekend in addition to 25% off so I spent about $50 and got 7 things! Can't wait to get them in the mail! We also put the crib together over the weekend! I can't wait to start getting the room together!

Yesterday at our doctor's appointment I recorded the heartbeat! The first time we heard it, it was 160 bpm, the second time was 148 bpm, and this time it was 159 bpm. 

I tried to upload just an mp3 of the heartbeat but can't figure that out. I also tried uploading the sound file to youtube but it made me make a video. So pardon the corny video but enjoy listening to the heartbeat! There are a few times where it sounds like scratches on a record - that is when the baby is moving!

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  1. Yay, yay, yay!!! You're looking so cute!!! And I can't wait to see you in less than 2 weeks! And find out about my niecphew :) Tell baby to start kicking harder. I want to feel it!!!