15 Weeks

15 weeks old! Time goes by so fast! Tomorrow is the first day of school (for teachers) and I am so glad I decided to take the first nine weeks off! I can't imagine going back to work tomorrow...it went by way too fast!

Likes: chewing on his hands & arms, putting his links and rattle in his mouth, napping with his hands over his face, chatting, smiling

Dislikes: Zoe barking when he's sleepy

What's New in the Last Week: starting to get his feet up when he's laying down (soon he will be able to reach his feet!), grabbing things and getting them in his mouth (sometimes he gets more of his eye than mouth), smiling at people and himself in the mirror, giggling more, and holding his head up for longer spurts

Funny story from this past Friday...I was getting ready to take a shower and Clint picked up Parker to tell him bye before leaving. He then went to set him back down in his bed and Parker curled up his little lip and started to cry! So daddy just had to pick him back up and love on him some more...before handing him back to me so I would have to face the sad pouty lip! It was so sad but cute :) I love these cute little moments!

Good Morning!

Look at that belly!

Trying to find grandma & grandpa's house!

So excited I couldn't get a picture of his new jammies!

I just love his morning smiles :)

We took a road trip to Lafayette to have lunch with Hilary & Scotty...so of course we had to wear our IU shirt!

He was so thoughtful even while napping.

Passed out on the new bed...Parker approves!


so sweet


napping and trying to wake up afterwards

He just loves to chat while hanging out in his swing...especially if we aren't close!

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