14 Weeks

Our little baby bear weighs 14 pounds and 10 ounces this week and is now 14 weeks old!

Likes: babbling, raspberries, smiling

Dislikes: getting his nails trimmed

What's New in the Last Week: grabs on to things purposefully (sometimes has to concentrate pretty hard if it's something hanging!), putting his pacifier into his mouth on his own quite a bit

I love having the mirror in the car because sometimes I catch him doing silly things or just looking cute :)

trying out the doorway jumper...still a little small

maxin' and relaxin'

just a wavin' and a flappin'

love his feet here

so thoughtful

always smiley in the morning

Harry Potter gear!!

I love putting things on his head.
This baby gets more mail than the President!

Back up choice for this week's pic!

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