12 Weeks

Parker is officially 12 weeks old! Yesterday was such a busy day that I ran out of time to get this finished!

Likes: smiling, kicking his legs and waving his arms like a mad man, baby talking

Dislikes: cold pool water

What's New in the Last Week: Parker had his first laugh! Clint was blowing on his belly and he laughed really big! So far it's the only laugh. He has also been hanging out with his two favorite Aunts! Lindsay flew in and Hilary has come down a couple times to play with him and he is loving every minute of it! He also just recently noticed the mirror on his swing and he just loves to stare at it.

So far he enjoys sitting in his high chair...even if it is to just free my hands!

His fake cry is too much!

I'm not impressed.

He loves to stare at himself in the mirror!

Trying on our swimsuit for the first time!

My aunt is here!
Why does mommy always put things on my head??

Cookie monster baby!

Wore out!

He is holding on to things pretty well!

Wore out yesterday after all the day's festivities!

He loves to hold his little fists out!

My super heroes!

Hey grandpa!

Tummy time planking!

At the pool

Too cold!

Passed out at the pool!

Sadly Lindsay leaves early tomorrow morning...but we have our trip to California in three months and she is going to join us for a few days at my mom's house! Baby Parker is just so loved!

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  1. The close up of him holding hands on the couch is so sweet! I love his 4th of July expression!