13 Weeks

Bonus double blog post day! Parker is 13 weeks and also 3 months old today! He is getting so big but I am loving every minute of our time together :)

Likes: sleeping while sitting up, talking as much as possible, blowing bubbles, playing with a few toys, looking around while nursing, smiling

Dislikes: Zoe barking (not all the time though...luckily), 7 o'clock

What's New in the Last Week: rolling over from his belly, reaching for, holding on to, and waving toys...oh and putting toys in his mouth some, giggling like crazy

He is really good at grabbing these and putting them in his mouth.
He likes to look at this guy and grab the rings on his hand. 
I may or may not like this firefly more than him but it's growing on him! I really like all these Lamaze toys...they're so colorful!

Trying to capture him rolling over on video...not this time! He was too busy showing off for the camera I think!

He just loves to talk! Wonder where he gets it from?

Such a cutie
sleeping and sitting
Stop that fake cry...I won't give in!

Our first birthday party...photobombed by Zoe of course!
All up in your face!

His first ouchie...Lucy was hiding under his play mat and started going wacko because he was kicking and she caught his little foot! Luckily he only cry for a few seconds. Bad Lucy!
We had a great visit with Aunt Lindsay!

He was so proud of rolling over!

One of the screens on my phone...cute picture and a countdown until we go to California!! Oh and a countdown for when I go back to work...like how I scheduled that?
I just bought these two things and can't wait for them to get here!

Baby Leggings

Bumble Bee PJs!

Here is my first attempt at adding an audio file...I don't like the giant widget but oh well! He loves raspberries!!

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  1. I love his scrunched eyebrows when he's talking so very seriously! And I love his giggle! He's the best!