3 Months Old

Parker is three months old today!! Boy is time flying by! Luckily for me I have decided to stay home for the first nine weeks of school to spend just a little more time with my baby boy before sending him off to daycare :)

Big Milestones: This month Parker started getting his hands in his mouth on purpose and he has also started to reach out and grab things. He had his first laugh and is now quite the little gigglebox! He also rolled over from his belly to his back!

Measurements: Parker weighs just a smidge over 14 pounds and he is 24 inches long! We are just starting to wear 3-6 month clothes but they are just a little big. However 0-3 month clothes are getting a little snug!

Daily Schedule: He has been on a pretty predictable schedule for the last month which makes our days pretty easy and fun! He usually wakes up  around 6 am to eat. Then he goes right back to sleep for about an hour and a half to two hours. He then eats again around 8:30 or 9. Then we play for a little while before it's nap time again! We pretty much do the same two to two and a half hour pattern. Nap, eat, play, repeat. It works out great because he pretty much only cries around nap time - but if I catch him right when he gets drowsy we can skip the crying and that is lovely for all :) 

7:00 in the evening is usually known as the witching hour around here! That is the one time he gets cranky and doesn't want to nap...it's not everyday but pretty often! Perfect time for daddy to handle him ;) 

He likes to stock up before bed so he eats around 8 and 9 then goes to bed about 9:30. He has been sleeping like a champ for quite a while now. He usually sleeps about 8 hours but sometime more and sometimes less. He hasn't slept less than 7 hours since before he was 2 months so we are very lucky in this department! 
Still a little bright out!

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  1. I love how little & cute he looks in his rocker!