Welcome to our blog!

Most of you know when I had a blog on Xanga...well I stopped using it right before I got married. I just got so busy getting married, building a house, and looking for a job that I never really had the time or felt like updating it. Well, I recently created a website for my classroom, which also has a blog. I really enjoy working on my school website, so I thought that maybe I should return to the world of blogging.

I decided to try to make this blog a little more about Clint and I's family. No...we aren't having kids yet :) We do have our pets though:

First, there is the older brother Jack. He is about 2.5 years old. The we have:

Zoe! She is a pretty naughty dog but she just turned 1. She is also going to puppy school to learn how to be a better dog!

Currently Clint is extremely busy. We started a business and bought a house with another couple to fix up and rent. So Clint is over there almost every day except Sunday, their "rest" day. He is also coaching little league football with 3rd/4th grade kids. He also started a new job today. He left the Terre Haute local to come back to his local in Indy and is currently working on a school in Zionsville. We decided that we are going to ride to work together since I am not too far out of his way to work. That way we get to spend more time together and I can hopefully start using my time more wisely at school :)

Leave me some comments about what you want to hear about our exciting life!


  1. Yay! Back to blogging! Love it!

    Tell lots of funny stories. Like falling asleep in your closet. Or when Clint does funny things. Or even about the monster dog. Yay!