Like a smack in the face!

So on Friday I said goodbye to a lovely little boy in my class because they were moving. Now when I say lovely, what I really mean is naughty-drive-me-looney-want-to-paddle-his-little-bottom bad kid. He has his moments...I mean seconds when he can be pretty funny and a nice kiddo, but most of the time I want to sit him in the corner because he is driving me crazy. So when I found out he was moving my patience did a little jig.

Well this morning while I am telling my little bright-eyed sunshine-smiling kids "Good morning" I see a familiar little brown-haired, square-toothed-grin walking my way. Bless my lucky stars! He's back!

This happened last year with a really bad kid...moved for 2 days then came back. Well he ended up moving for good. So, I talked with my little guy's older sister and tomorrow is their (2nd) last day. I know I can make it one more day but I won't say that I won't be in a good mood Wednesday if I only have 25 kids.


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Maybe even my smelly toes too.

  2. He was here again today! was his "official" last day. we'll see.