family...for better or even better?

So my family is pretty close...and I don't mean just one side either. I'll explain it from both sides.

Dad's Side
My grandma has birthday dinners every month (except a few). Whoever has a birthday that month gets to pick the dinner menu and dessert. If there are 2 birthdays, then there are 2 entrees. Sweet deal huh? Now I wouldn't say that these get togethers are anything spectacular. They are actually kind of overwhelming now. When I was little I loved going to grandma's because we would usually go to a hockey game and stay the whole weekend (blog on weekedns at grandmas to follow). Now, as an adult, it is overstimulating. My grandma and 2 aunts talk the whole night...and I don't mean each takes turns. Oh no. They all 3 talk the whole night, at the same time, all trying to be the loudest. Nevertheless, it's family time that I do enjoy. When Clint first started going to family events was when I noticed he was a bit dramatic. He would say that we were always going to grandma's for dinner. I thought once a month was nothing. Well...we hang out with Clint's extended family maybe 3 times a year. So, I see where he is coming from.

Mom's Side
Now...when I say my mom's side I actually just mean my mom. Her whole family lives in obviously we don't have monthly get togethers. I do see my mom a lot though. We love to get together for game nights. We are all avid game players...and good ones at that. My favorite 3 games also happen to be my sister Lindsay's least favorite games...Peanut, Shanghai Rummy, and Blurt. She claims that it's because they are too fast paced. I think it's because she can't hang. I feel like I need to blog soley on games now...more on Sardines later.

So basically...I get a large dose of hanging out with the family. Clint took some time getting used to it but now he just whines in silence because he knows we ignore it :)

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  1. HELLO? I am almost THIRTY. Of course I can't play fast paced games. We need to take up cribbage and canasta. Maybe even bridge.

    Clint is a baby. Tell him he needs some bigger frog eyes.