Criminal Minds

As my closest family members know, I am addicted to 2 shows.

Law and Order: SVU. This is my original addiction. Not only do I own several seasons on DVD I got my sister hooked too. Both of our DVR's are full of SVU's.

My second, newer addiction is Criminal Minds. I have been watching old episodes from my DVR ever since Clint started working on the rental house we bought. If I have to sit alone at home, I might as well watch my fave show!

I know I could be doing much better things instead of watching tv: cleaning, laundry, lesson planning, playing with Zoe, reading books...but I am addicted. I am especially addicted to Dr. Spencer Reid. He is the tall nerdy one in the back. He is a super genius with nice wispy hair :)

Of course I have one other show that I am anticipating the season premier for: Amazing Race. I would LOVE to be on this show! I love traveling and want to travel so much more. I also love competition! The only problem might be my potential partner: Clint :)

What do you love to watch?


  1. I almost choked on my drink over the wispy hair comment. So funny.

    I looooove SVU. And America's Next Top Model, Gossip Girl and the new 90210. I also love Survivor, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, and 30 Rock.

  2. Ah, yes, our family all watches SVU. I like True Blood, Mad Men, Survivor and Dexter!

  3. Ugh! Anonymous how dare you???

    And yet I see you were too cowardly to leave your name lest we drag you into the street and flog you for uttering such bally-who.

    As if!

  4. i was so excited to see 4 comments...and then i saw this Tomfoolery!

    Season premier tomorrow!

  5. SVU and Criminal Minds are awesome.
    =] hahaha oh Reid and his wispy hair!