16 mpg? you gotta be kidding me!

So everyone knows that I drive this cute little Jeep Wrangler:

Well, some people don't know what kind of gas mileage it gets. Let me tell you: crappy. I really like my Jeep and don't mind the terrible gas mileage because I don't really drive that much anymore. Well, when Clint and I drove to PA we drove my sister's Cobalt. It got almost 35 mpg! Seriously! That's double my mpg! We got to Pennsylvania on 10 gallons of gas.

So, Clint and I had this awesome plane that we would try to sell my car. I don't know if you know anything about Jeep people, but they love their Jeeps. I didn't think that it would be too hard to sell it and not lose too much money on it. So far it hasn't been successful. We want to sell it outright because trade-ins never get much.

We might try to trade it in though for a Cobalt or something similar. We will lose some money on the Jeep, but my payment and loan would be a lot less, the gas bill would be less, and the insurance would probably be less too. Not to mention that it would be helpful for the environment! Too bad I can't get a hybrid. Keep your fingers crossed that we can work something out!

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  1. Yay for little efficient cars! Glad to see you liked driving little blue car. She's pretty peppy if I do say so myself! The Jeep was fun for about 3 days...then I had to get more gas and it wasn't fun anymore.