I couldn't think of a better title to this blog post so I decided to just be straight to the point.

I have traveled a little bit in my short life (yes I know I am about to be 25 but that is still a short amount of time to me!) but not extensively. I do have hopes though of reaching the far corners of the earth, like my sister Lindsay. It just might take some time.

Here is a quick rundown of where I have been so far:

California - I was born here, so I know it kind of doesn't count...except that I left before I was 5. I have been back a few times but that last was way back in 1996 (I think) with my sister. There is a plan in the making to create an RV experience out there with my sister.
Colorado - last summer Clint and I drove to Evergreen, Colorado with my bff and her boyfriend. It was so pretty there! We stayed at the highest point in Evergreen (at least on our 'little' mtn). The drive was half the fun! I really enjoy road trips!

Pittsburgh - see previous post about this trip...really enjoyed it although it was brief.

Scarborough, Canada - In 6th grade I played softball in the Peace Games. We traveled by bus (again, another road trip!) to Scarborough. We went to an amusement park among other things that don't really stick out in my mind. We played 2 games, both of which I pitched. I had a really good time seeing some place so 'different'.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica - Clint and I spent our honeymoon at a Couples Resort in Jamaica. It was absolutely beautiful! The ocean was the perfect temperature so we barely used the pools and the sand felt good between our toes! We decided as soon as we got that they we would return some day.

Well those are the more exciting trips I have taken. Of course I have been other places; Michigan with Hilary twice, Myrtle Beach with the family years ago, Holiday World several times, and Yellowstone national park when I was younger. Most of those trips didn't have anything too exciting or I don't remember many details.

My next post will be about the places that I really want to see and actually have plans to get there someday (as opposed to just wanting to go there). Leave me comments about great travel ideas/destinations!


  1. Yay for road trips!!! And traveling in general!

    Portland was awesome. You guys would like it I think.

    You should do a Chicago get-away weekend (Not just go to a Cubs game). We had so much fun!

    Definitely should check out Pigeon Forge area. Mom, Dale, Eric & Herbie had fun as did Ange and I.

    NYC and DC really fun to visit. Also convenient with the public transport options. :)

    Niagra Falls is cool to see once in your life. It's a short hop to Toronto from there.

    You can come visit me in Africa next year! That would be super fun!

  2. OK, I think an RV trip would be awesome, but I am sort of with Clint on worrying about the reliability of a cheapo RV.

    and you've been a lot more places than I have.