This weekend we visited two high school friends who moved to Pittsburg after college. Clint's friend got a job out their and his girlfriend moved with him. Well, Justin has visited Clint and all their friends several times since moving to PA, but no one has really been out their to visit them. We decided to make good use of our three day weekend and drive out there.

Saturday we left around 1pm...much later than we had planned. We borrowed my sister's Cobalt to get better gas mileage. And by better, I mean almost double what both of our vehicles get. We made it there and back on 20 gallons. Not bad. So good actually that we are debating a vehicle change in our household. More on that later.

We got to their new townhouse and ordered pizza. We then ventured to downtown Pittsburg. There are 3 rivers that go into the downtown area. It made the city look so neat. I forgot my camera the first night, so I don't have anything pretty to show :( We went to Bar Louie for a few drinks. It was a really nice bar...seemed fancy but the city was like an old industrial building. They had these cute little cozy booths...but they were too small for 6 people.

Next we headed to a little strip of 3 bars: Bar Room, Saddleridge, and Steelhouse. Steelhouse was just a regular bar, except way bigger than any in Indy. It was nearly empty so we decided to try out Saddleridge. This is a country-rock bar. Complete with a mechanical bull. Of course, Clint had to try it out. He had tried it once before at 8 seconds and was thrown off very quickly. However, in PA he lasted pretty long. Check out the video to see for yourself :)

We hung out here for a while because it was more happenin than Steelhouse and not as loud as Bar Room. Bar Room was a really loud dance club with a huge dance floor. We spent a little time there in the middle of the evening but it was so loud and there were drink spilled everywhere. We ended up going back to Steelhouse for a little bit and then decided to call it a night.

Sunday we ate at EatnPark, which is kind of like Dennys. It was pretty good. We then decided to catch a Pittsburgh Pirates game. Bri and Justin have seen quite a few games and even got free bucket hats. I decided that I wanted to be a true fan that day, as well as make Clint one too.

I also took some nice downtown views.

So in conclusion, I decided that I really love Pittsburg. Except that I can never remember the h at the end of Pittsburgh. I kept telling Clint that we should move there. If I could get my family to move there I would totally be for it 100%. I love the big city feel that Indianapolis is seriously lacking. He wasn't too keen on the idea...mostly because of family and friends. We'll see in a few years :)


  1. Pittsburgh is fun to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. Glad you had fun! Clint is funny, but we already knew that...

  2. I was in Pitt for a conference last fall... I agree, lots of perks. Too many Steelers fans, though.