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For the Christmas holiday my mom came to Indy for 2 weeks and stayed with Clint and I. I had previously mentioned working on the baby room while she was here. So the first day she was here (Thursday) we started looking at ideas. We took a break Friday to prepare for our Gender Reveal Party and mom and Dale helped us with several things around the house (finishing the bathroom and hanging things on the wall - which I blogged about here). After the party we got to work on the baby room and a few other projects. I am going to share the baby room in a separate post so watch for that!

Project #1: The very first project she helped with was fixing my computer! It has pretty much been dead since my birthday in October. She completely rebooted it and installed Windows 8 on it. I'm not a big fan of it but she made it work like the old Windows so its fine now. I now have Adobe Photoshop back in my grips! Quick sidenote - I just discovered Pixl-o-matic. It's like Instagram but for your computer. You can do all sorts of quick filtering with your pictures. I tried out a bunch so brace yourself :)

Project #2: I found a cute picture on Pinterest that displayed your last name and the year you were married. We found a fancy font to write it in and then my mom taught me how to print the image using Posteriza. She then traced the image on the back with a pencil. We taped the poster to the wall where we wanted it and I traced the image on the front of the poster, transferring the pencil on to the wall. She then painted the image. 

Project #3: A couple months ago we decided that we wanted to put up crown molding in our bedroom. Clint started it one evening. Well he realized that he wasn't going to finish it that night like he thought - he was tired and crown molding is really tough to put up because of the angles. So it sat unfinished for a while. Mom is really good at caulking so she told Clint that messy angles weren't that big of a deal! So Dale and Clint finished it one night and mom spiffed it up nicely!

Looking good! Mom also helped hang these canvases up too! (Not that they were hard.)
Project #4: This project was a bonus! Mom forgot what time they were supposed to leave on Wednesday and they accidentally missed their flight. They couldn't get another flight until the next morning. So we decided to tackle one more project! I found this really cute bag on Pinterest and wanted to make one!

We set out to JoAnn Fabrics to find similar fabric. We picked an orange fabric that we actually used in the baby room because I like it so much! We searched everywhere for something blue and white but no such luck. I was really holding out for the stripes! So we headed to Hobby Lobby to see what they had. We found a blue and white fabric but it was just too busy for me! We found a gray and white chevron fabric that I really liked but just wasn't sure if I liked it enough. After debating forever and thinking about just waiting and looking some more, I decided to get the gray. We were now working on a time crunch! I was going line dancing that night and I knew Mom and Dale were leaving the next morning and wanted to get to bed early. We hurried through it but it turned out great! I did all the sewing except for one part. Mom did all the directing but I am getting so much better at sewing! Here is the finished product:

The outside has a pocket (it sort of blends in with the pattern) and it has ties on the end to tighten it up. The inside has 3 pockets - 2 horizontal rectangles and one long rectangle (for bottles and such). Isn't it fabulous!?!

Project #5 - This project is still ongoing. Mom taught me how to crochet and we started working on a gray and white chevron blanket (much like the bag!). There isn't much to share yet but I'll keep you updated on the progress!

Now stay tuned for the baby room! Here is a sneak peek of the banner we made!

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  1. Cute stuff! I love the bag! It was great to see all the progress!