Baby Room Update

Deciding what to do in the baby's room was a tough decision. There were several ideas I had and it was hard to pick one. I had it narrowed down to an owl/fox/orange/turquoise theme and a Harry Potter theme :) I decided to go with the first. Maybe our little boy will end up loving Harry Potter as much as me and will want that later on!

I saw this cute room on Pinterest (of course) and really liked the turquoise molding! I also really liked the walls...either they are wallpaper or textured. My mom searched how to create this look using paint because wallpapering is not happening!

First we painted the walls antique white to get rid of the funky tan (that every room in the house was painted with when we moved in). Then we bought a quart of a lighter brown and mixed it with glaze. Mom rolled on the glaze and then I used a wallpaper brush and brushed it up and down several times. 

I had several "special" techniques!
Here's a close up of a wall. This is a pretty close match of the actual color.
 Here are several shots of what the room looks like now. I used the filtering site I mentioned previously to edit the photos. 

This was super easy to make and it really adds some orange!

We made these curtains out of a flannel fabric. It's hard to tell but there are turquoise birds. They really show up well because of the molding. I think I may go buy more of this fabric and make some sheets!

This was another project my mom worked on. It is the cutest pillow!

There are a few different prints that I have seen and want to frame to add some more excitement and color. I also have a few shelving options that we might add as well. Then of course we have to have the room actually ready for the baby! We need a chair, mattress, changing pad, and lots of other things! Good thing we still have about 14 weeks!


  1. Lookin good! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. The fox pillow is too cute! The molding is such a fun touch!

  3. WOW!! The room looks great!