27 Weeks

 We had our first of two Childbirth classes tonight and I forgot to work on the chalkboard yesterday so just a picture will do this week!

The last week of the second trimester! It felt like the first trimester flew by but the second one has taken forever! Probably because the first four weeks you're pregnant, you have no idea and then the next few weeks, you hardly tell anyone!

I also have good news! I passed my glucose screening! They did say that my iron level is low so I had to get a vitamin to help boost that. My dad said that it runs in the family. 

Sleep:  I have heard that as time goes on it becomes more uncomfortable to sleep, but so far I have been sleeping pretty well!

Body Changes: Not much is new here either!

Food: I have been in the mood for some Raisin Bran a lot the last two weeks...and I even add more raisins!!

Symptoms: I was reading a couple different weekly pregnancy charts and it mentioned a few symptoms I have been experiencing lately - although very mild. One thing I notice at night (usually when I wake up) is cramps in my calf, just below my knee. A good leg stretch helps those out! I also have had the stuffiest nose! Again this is usually in the morning when I first wake up. I have been meaning to get a humidifier to help add moisture to our room.

Movement:The baby has been having way stronger movements this last week! Sometimes they are so big/sudden that they make me jump a little. You can also see the movements from the outside now!

Things We Bought/Did: We registered last weekend, which I wrote about yesterday. While we were registering, we were looking at pack-and-plays and were trying to decide if we wanted to go simple on this item or stick with the one we originally liked. We ended up going simple! So simple that we bought it actually because it was on sale! We don't really need one that has a changing station since the baby's room is on the main floor and the swing we already have has a musical mobile so we skimped on that too. A plain simple play yard is all we wanted.

It has a foresty theme which I obviously love!

Originally I had thought about doing cloth diapers only but I don't know if we could handle it or not. So we are going to try a mixture of cloth and disposable to see what we like. When I first started looking into cloth diapers I though Clint would be totally against it but when I mentioned it, he said "sure". He's still all in with the idea and even discusses the different cleaning methods and styles. Another reason he's a keeper ;) I found a few helpful blogs to get us started and they say you should try a few different brands to figure out what you and baby like. So I ordered several cloth diapers off ebay and can't wait to get them! Here are a few:

So cute!

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