Saturday Clint and I finally marked registering off our list. Of course I have been excited to register because it would give us a chance to actually look at all the things that babies need but I knew Clint was not as excited. He is definitely excited for the baby but shopping is definitely not his thing. Luckily he knew that it may take a little while and we planned it in advance so he was ready! 

We started at Babies R Us and then went to Buy Buy Baby. Both places have a lot of the same things but they also have several different things which was nice. I know that some people like to register for some things at both places but for the most part we did not. I don't want to have to deal with returns or duplicates. Obviously I am excited about everything we picked there are several things I can't wait to get (either from some wonderful family member or friend OR ourselves :)!

Here are a few things I'm excited about:

Doorway Jumper! I have always loved these things! It's portable (as long as the doorway has trim around it) and it also has a musical mat that they can jump on.

Bear Robe...precious is all I can say!

 We already have a couple mouth thermometers and we registered for an ear thermometer but for some reason I think a temporal thermometer is ideal for (sleeping) babies.

Boon Lawn drying rack...I like handwashing dishes often but just lay them out on a towel to dry but with tiny baby things/parts, I don't want them rolling away! The grass mat keeps them in place until they are dry.

gDiapers...these are one of  the brands of cloth diapers I am going to try. I have already purchased a couple different brands on ebay (new ones) and they are all so cute! Double bonus...they are better on your budget and better for the Earth! I kind of wish there wasn't a g on the back but at least it's a simple logo.

ALEX wooden activity cube...I pretty much want all wooden toys! I think Zoe would be less likely to grab them and chew on them (but I could be wrong...she loves to chew everything). But they are also adorable!
Cute little wooden xylophone!

 We didn't register for many clothes for a couple reasons. They would probably end up on the clearance rack before people shopped and people will end up picking out their own outfits (which is fine - if it's cute ;) However, there were a few really cute peas on a pod outfits/bibs, etc.

This giraffe play mat is so stinkin' cute and soft!

I have been stalking Amazon for this frog nap mat but they have been out for a while. So if I can't get the froggy mat I will probably get this cute thing! Or both!

Did we pick out some fun stuff or what!?!

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