Third trimester!

Yesterday was the start of my 28th week, which is also the beginning of the third trimester! I can't believe I am in the last couple of months! I have about 12 weeks left until we get to meet our little baby!

Yesterday was a crazy busy day and I didn't get time to update the blog. I had a doctor's appointment in the morning first thing. I set up all my appointments back in October but two weeks ago my doctor decided to start the two week visits this week so I had to add yesterday's appointment so it was in the morning. I am glad I don't usually go in the morning because they were way too busy!

My doctor measured my belly and said I was right at 28 weeks which I am glad to hear :) I haven't gained any weight in the last two weeks but she said I'm ok for now. We listened to the baby's heartbeat which was 140 bpm. That is pretty much all my appointments are! 

Sleep:  We finally bought a humidifier this week and I think that Clint is benefiting from it most :) He has been having a hard time sleeping but the last three days he slept really well! I also am really good we got the humidifier! I can breathe while I sleep!!

Body Changes: Even though I didn't gain any weight the last two weeks I think my belly is a little bigger :)

Food: I have eaten a lot of peaches in the last week!!

Symptoms:Nothing new or different but I have been having a few leg cramps early in the morning lately which are more annoying than anything else.

Movement:The little pipsqueak sure loves to press on my left ribs and my right hip bone! I think he's stretching to his full length just to test out the space. Luckily it doesn't last that long and if I sit kind of sideways (the opposite he is stretching), it gets him to move!

Things We Bought/Did: We received our stroller and car seat in the mail yesterday! It only took a few minutes to get the wheels and the sun shade put on and then I zoomed around the house like a dork :)

Can't wait until there is a little bundle of joy in it!


  1. Just a tip on the leg cramps. They may be nothing (most pregnant ladies get them), but keep an eye on them. I had a few horrible middle of the night cramps and ended up severely dehydrated (and not for lack of drinking water). They found out I was anemic and that my sodium levels were low so no matter how much water I took in, it wasn't able to really attach and soak in for me to use it. Good luck though! It sounds like you're doing great and you're almost there!

  2. Zoomed around like a dork? Sounds like a normal day for you!