Week 26

26 weeks down, 14 more to go! Today I had a doctor appointment. We got to hear the heartbeat as usual (150 bpm). I also go to do my glucose screening. I drank 10 oz. of a glucose mixture that tasted like semi flat Orange Crush. 

It was cold so it wasn't too bad. I had to drink it in 5 minutes  and then wait an hour for them to draw my blood to see how fast I processed the sugar. I should get a phone call tomorrow to see how it went...keep your fingers crossed it comes back good!

Sleep: I went back to school yesterday so of course I had to get up in the middle of the night the last two nights! Although last night was mostly because Zoe decided she needed to pee too!

Body Changes: I have gained about 11 pounds and some days I definitely feel like there is no where for any more weight to go! Then Clint reminds me that there is ;) Also - exciting news is that I can now see in my belly button more! It has stretched open somewhat recently. You probably don't know this but I have a weird fascination with my belly button. I like to make sure it's clean (who doesn't??) but my belly button is so small I can't see in it! Now it's perfect! Clint clearly thinks I'm coo-coo (especially when he catches me staring at it in the mirror).

Food: Other than eating more throughout the day, my diet hasn't really changed. Nothing makes me sick; I haven't had any cravings; smells haven't bothered me. The only real change is that I have tried to be healthier - I eat wheat bread, drink lots of water, try to eat less sugary foods/drinks, etc.

Symptoms: Nothing to report here!!

Movement: Clint has definitely been able to feel more movement in the last week. He gets excited which also makes me feel excited :) I have also recently felt more movement near my ribs. Everything so far had been really low - like below my beloved belly button. Now I have felt more higher movements.

Things We Bought/Did: We haven't really done anything new in the last week but I am looking forward to registering this weekend!
Today I had my students guess what I would be having because I didn't tell them before leaving for break. I wasn't sure that they could keep a secret from my team members ;)

First they colored the word boy or girl. They also chose a baby to color.

They wrote three predictions (gender, hair and eye color). 

They glued their prediction on a chart paper. I showed them my gender reveal video with the balloons - which they loved! It was fun to share this news with them!

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  1. You ARE coo-coo! And not just because of your "beloved" bellybutton! :)