29 Weeks

29 weeks! Eek! I can't believe that next week I will be in the 30th week! While two and a half months seems so far away, 10 weeks sounds much closer!

I have had a cold the lost few days...nothing major; just sniffles and sneezes. It has made me a little more tired the last couple days which is why I am a day behind again  and have no chalkboard :)

Sleep:  Sleep is going pretty well still!

Body Changes: Belly definitely feels bigger this week! My belly button is also getting stretched a little more too. I had my belly button pierced in college and then took it out after a few years because I always had troubles with it and it left a permanent hole. I'm starting to hope that the piercing hole doesn't start to look weird!

Food: I ate too much in general in the last week. Last night for dinner (around 5:30) I had a small bowl of mac n cheese and a small helping of trail mix and for some reason I felt like I was going to explode all the way until I went to bed.I think lunch time is what does me in. I don't really have time to eat any snacks when I am at school so I eat too much at lunch and the full feeling just carries over into the evening. I better start working on that asap because I hate feeling so stuffed!

Symptoms: It feels silly to complain about something so small like acne - but that is the only symptom I have had this whole pregnancy. I am glad that is really the only thing that has bothered me!

Movement: Little baby has started to really love pushing on my ribs. It is usually only the left side and it doesn't last very long but he is pretty strong! I have also felt more defined movements the last couple days. Like his arm or leg is pushing really hard on my stomach and I can feel it move. It's a strange but really cool feeling!

Things We Bought/Did: This week we haven't bought or done anything baby related. We did a two week childbirth class the two weeks before and we are going to a breastfeeding class next week but this week was a week off! We are looking at a car tonight and another one tomorrow  - so maybe we'll get that for that baby ;)

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