Parker's Room

With my mom coming out to meet baby Parker, we were able to put some finishing touches on Parker's room. I absolutely LOVE his room now...I personally think it's freakin' adorable!

Rocking Chair courtesy of dad and stepmom

bookshelves made by Clint - books given by lots of people!

mobile - felt animals made by mom

tree hand painted by mom

hand painted tree and raccoon and fox decals

dollar store frames spray painted...stay tuned for a post with newborn pics!

puffy letters handmade by mom

ultrasound pics
What do you think?? I love it!!


  1. How fun! I love the trees and all the bright colors! It really came together!

  2. I love all of it! Can't wait for the newborn pics of Parker!!! I zooooomed in on the ones you had hanging for a preview ;)