6 weeks

Parker is 6 weeks old today! I brought him in to meet my students today so I thought he could wear this cute onesie...thanks Dawn!

Likes: making noises, following mommy and daddy with his eyes, playing peekaboo, dad's scratchy beard and mustache when he kisses him, when other people hold him too

Dislikes: being laid down before he's ready for bed, being tired

What's New in the Last Week: he is making more noises than ever, he's able to follow you with his eyes, he is really starting to get those legs a moving, his neck is getting so strong, he occasionally reaches for things, he sleeps for 3-5 hours his first time being put down, and he is smiling so much!

This last week has been so much better in the sleep department! The other night he slept for 5 hours and Clint kept checking on him because he has never slept that long!

late night snuggles

passed out milk face

My necklace came!!


working out with daddy

Mr. Cutie Pants


Wake up dad!

love this outfit!

Parker's first Indians game!

Parker snorting and being angry!


  1. Swooooon! He's just the cutest boy EVER!!! I love him to the moon and back!

  2. I LOVE the Mr. Cutie Pants pic!