3 Weeks

Parker is 3 weeks old today! Yesterday he weighed 8 and a half pounds! Such a big boy!! He fits nicely in most of his newborn clothes although a few things are still too big.

Likes: when mommy gives him raspberries, being carried sitting up and facing out, napping on your chest late at night (so he doesn't have to sleep in his pack and play), sleeping with hands at his face, bath time, holding fingers

Dislikes: looking at the camera, late night diaper and clothes changes, getting out of the bath

What's New in the Last Week: starting to track a little with his eyes, focuses on things, slept in his crib in his room last night for most of the night, newborn diapers are almost too small, had his first real play date with Griffin today, sitting in my lap while I did this whole post :)

Here are some shots from the last week or so:

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