Baby Love

We have so many fun pictures! I know I have posted many of these on Facebook but now that he isn't so 'new' anymore I will try to post more here on my blog because I know not everyone wants to see every picture I take on Facebook...although I think they must be crazy ;)

Enjoy :)

Milk coma


Loves his swing!

smiling for his Aunt Lindsay

Zoe loves to babysit her brother
We're in love!

All smiles

Parker meeting his new friend Griffin

This was supposed to be his go-home outfit...clearly it was way too big!

enjoying the nice weather

froggy feet!

Our first walk!

He actually only cried for a second but I forgot to take a cuter picture!

I love his slippers!! and they're the only thing that fits his little feet right now.

At the doctor!

First bath!!

Clint and his pals
morning nap

monkey face and flexing his muscles

skinny legs!

My new fave outfit!

So many faces!!

We are having so much fun with our new pipsqueak :)


  1. He is LITERALLY the CUTEST baby I've ever seen. I love him and miss him soooo much!!!

  2. LOVE his skinny little legs! He's getting so much bigger already!

  3. I love your blog Leslie. Parker is adorable!