4 Weeks

 Parker is 4 weeks old today! Time sure has flown by lately! Luckily I am enjoying every minute of it and taking lots of pictures and videos :)

Likes: Parker still loves when you carry him sitting up and facing out so he can see the world! He also likes bath time, playing on his giraffe mat, reading Jungle Tails, looking in his owl mirror, the lights in our master bathroom, the skylights in our living room, playing with his hair

Dislikes: getting dressed after his bath, being put down after snuggling on your chest

What's New in the Last Week: Parker has made several baby noises other than fussing or crying, he's starting to hold his head up just a bit, he focuses on things a little more than last week, he slept in his crib all night last night, able to be on his tummy for longer time periods, staying awake a little on stroller rides, wearing size 1 diapers, and wearing some clothes that aren't newborn (although some of his newborn clothes are still too big).

Jungle Tails book

Skip Hop mirror

The baby carrier I have is really hard to buckle when I'm alone so I found this cool one at Once Upon a Child.  Parker loves hanging out in this one because he can see out of it!

He just loves playing with his hair!

One of my favorite faces!

cute lil feet

Baby butt! His legs are so long and skinny still!
Chatting with grandma, grandpa, and Lindsay on Google hangouts on Mother's Day! We all had to wear disguises!

I am patiently waiting for my Mother's Day gift in the mail...I can't wait for it to get here :)

Obviously it will have Parker's name and birthday on it!

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