5 Weeks

Our happy little boy is 5 weeks old today! We had our one month visit to the doctor today too. He weighs 10 pounds 1 ounce which is about the 45% percentile...so about average. He is 22 and a half inches long which is about the 75% percentile (is it redundant to put the % and say percentile??). His head is 15 inches around which is about the 60% percentile. And he is 100% cute!

Likes: He still loves to see everything when you hold him which makes for a very tiring wrist! He also loves to be in his carrier so he can see what's going on. He likes to nap in his bouncer and swing as well as on his daddy's chest. He also likes playtime.

Dislikes: The last few days he has not liked sleeping in his pack and play or crib! He doesn't enjoy more than 10-15 minutes of tummy time.

What's New in the Last Week: He has been making more noises although they are very few and far between. He has started losing some hair but only on the top. He also has a little bit of a dry head but it's looking better today. He has been playing a lot with his best friend Griffin!

Chillin in the bouncy seat

Napping with Zobo.

BFF playtime!

His new sleeper...hope it works tonight!

Napping with mommy

Parker & Griffin 

Snuggling grandma Gail.

Doing sit ups with dad.

 i was playing with his nose and he was smiling but when I recorded it, he wouldn't smile...but it's still funny!


  1. Yup...I get all kinds of smiles but no one else gets to see them cause she refuses to ham it up for other people or the camera. Lame.

  2. The week 5 pic is probably my fav so far. He looks like a happy super hero!

  3. It was the last one I took and I knew it was the winner! I love how you just commented like you keep coming back to check it out :)