7 Weeks

Baby Parker is now 7 weeks old! He is getting too big!

Likes: when you smile at him, when daddy gets home, grabbing things, going outside, talking when you are out of the room (probably to get you to come back!)

Dislikes: being ignored ;)

What's New in the Last Week: He has started to hold onto things although he doesn't see that he is, talking quite a bit, smiling a lot more and definitely on purpose, not fitting into anymore newborn outfits (even though daddy squished him into one that said Daddy & Me), getting a nap pattern down


My pictures and videos were causing me all sorts of issues so now that they are finally all uploaded I don't feel like adding captions so feel free to make your own and leave them in the comments :)

Sleepy baby...not much happens here but he's cute :)

 He's starting to grab toys...and he does something exciting at the end ;)

Ok this one is much better!

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  1. I love all the pics in the collage one with the melon onesie on! He's so cute and smiley!