8 Weeks

Happy 8 weeks Parker! In just a few short days you will officially be two months old! As much as I hate him getting bigger everyday and not being that little snuggly newborn, I love all the new things he does every week!

Likes: playing with his Lion King play gym, when mommy talks to him, first waking up in the morning, playing instead of eating

Dislikes: getting ready for naps

What's New in the Last Week: sleeping for 7+ hours (record is 7 hr 45 min), meeting new baby friends Cora and Eva (future gf's ;), starting to hold his Wubbanub pacifier, starting to get a good grip on some toys

That is a belly!!

Grabbing the lion's tail.

Nice bald spot!


Bath time with daddy!

We're at the dentist! and I don't have to get my teeth cleaned!

I love all my grandmas!

Sleepy time

Got a hold of that puppy!!

Chillin on the couch.

This was my other choice for this week's picture!! Love it!!!

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