2 Weeks

Parker is two weeks old today! I am going to take a weekly picture of him and when he is one I will put them into a photobook! Since he was born on his due date it will be easy for me to remember to do my weekly Tuesday post!

Everything has been so great with our new love being here :) He sleeps really well at night right now...usually 3-4 hours in between feedings and he usually gets right back to sleep after eating. We get him to sleep anywhere between 9 and 11 and he usually gets up between 8 and 9 but sometimes falls back asleep after we get him up. The pets have all been pretty good being around Parker...Zoe tries to get sneaky licks in here and there but she has been pretty good so far. The cats are pretty indifferent towards him although they love to lay by me when I feed him sometimes.

Likes: being held, warm water on him at bath time, getting his boogers sucked out, feedings, when I sing to him with the help of Pandora, when daddy carries him around kicking everything, warm diaper wipes, car and stroller rides, being carried in mommy's baby carrier, giving kisses to mommy and daddy, making silly faces, sneaking in quick smiles

Dislikes: changing clothes, cold diaper wipes, being cold in the bath tub, when you take too long to change his diaper

What's New in the Last Week: his umbilical cord stump fell off, staying awake for several hours during the day for playtime, gained at least 8 ounces (went from 7 lbs 3 oz to 7 lbs 11 oz in four days)

I didn't get around to posting this one last week and I didn't like the way the picture came out but here he is at one week old in his puppy slippers :)

I just love his skinny little legs!!

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  1. So sweet! I love those slippers and the frog outfit!