Snapshots from the Hospital

Here are a few more pictures from our  first few days at the hospital.

All bundled up and cozy!

Daddy and Parker J.

Early morning...Parker wanted to sleep in.

We love to give him mohawks!

Before Parker was blood pressure got pretty low so they had me use some oxygen to help our little baby :)

Parker's first bath...he really enjoyed it ;)

More daddy snuggles

Our first family photo!

Tucking him in for his first car ride!

Clint being silly and my reaction :)

Busting out of the hospital!

All tucked in and ready to go home!

Daddy driving us home in the rain!

He is absolutely perfect :)


  1. Hehe. I love when he hiccups! Shakes his whole little body! All great pics! He is definitely perfect :)

  2. Happy Birthday to me (actually the 29th, closest I could find!) -Abby Dawson