39 Weeks

Today I am 39 weeks! I have a little wiggly watermelon in my belly now :)

I had a doctor's appointment today. Clint is working at Camp Atterbury which is about an hour away so we decided it was ok for him to miss the appt. I went to get in the car to go and my car wouldn't start! Clint changed the alternator tonight and it's good to go. Luckily Augusta is a good friend and took me to my appt! Perfect blood pressure as usual...measuring right at 39 weeks and the baby's heart rate was good too (138)! However, my cervix is not cooperating! Not dilated at all nor has it softened at all :( Boo. We discussed inducing after 40 weeks but Clint and I are going to discuss it some more before deciding 100%.

The last week has been pretty similar to the last few except that my ankles (and mostly just my right) are swollen still! They go down a little but unless I have them up they are puffy. At least they don't hurt for the most part. I just hate laying around so much.

Now time for the best story from the last week. I decided Sunday to do a little shopping. The weather FINALLY warmed up so I wanted to wear a dress. Remember the cute peacock maxi dress I made back in October? 

Fit nicely here doesn't it?? Well add about 6 months and 20 some pounds...and Houston, we have a problem!
Somehow I got it ON but I could not for the life of me get it OFF! I was sweating from trying to pull it back over my head! Finally I called my stepmom who lives across the street. However she wasn't home! Clint was helping a friend with some work but had been gone a while so I called him. Luckily he was just getting ready to leave! So I had to lay down on the bed for a half an hour stuck in this stinkin' dress! I spent way too much time sewing it together that I was not going to cut it off! Thankfully it only took Clint a few tries to break me free! Lesson learned!

My mom also sent me a package yesterday with some goodies! I had asked if she could make me a hospital  gown for when we have the baby. She sent me a million fabric choices and said she would make me two! Here are the fabric choices:

 So cute! 

She also made some sheets in this fleece material.

My sister gets here Friday!! I'm excited about that.

Well here's to hoping the baby comes on his own and sometime soon!! We can't wait to meet him!

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