Week 14

Zoe just couldn't resist making an appearance!

Today I am in week 14...26 more weeks to go :) I am on Fall Break this week and next, which is fabulous!! I leave tomorrow for California. I am going to see my sister. I was hoping to see  my mother too, but guess where she'll be? At my house with Clint! She has to come to IN to do her defense for her PhD and this was the week they scheduled :( Oh well, Christmas time isn't too far off!

At my doctor appointment yesterday, I officially have gained one whole pound! I have no idea how my belly sticks out so far sometimes and how I can eat so much more and not gain any weight yet. However, I won't complain. As long as the dr. says I'm healthy and the baby is healthy, I'm happy. We also got to hear the heartbeat again...160 bpm. We also could hear the baby moving when she had the monitor on my belly. It was really cool. So many cool things!! The only uncool thing so far is that I have started having a little pain in my butt! I don't mean Clint either :) The dr. says that it's my sciatic nerve. Hopefully it starts to feel better soon because I don't really care to see a chiropractor or a physical therapist. She told me to lay down on the floor and prop my legs up on a chair. My mom said that when she had that pain, laying down like that helped.

In other news...I made me a new dress!! Isn't it fabulous!? I'm assuming you agree :) I made one dress Sunday but it came out way too big (the bottom skirt portion) but on the bright side, I will probably be able to wear it in March or April, so look for it then! So today I took my new fabric (that I was saving after my trial run) and took extra care with, including double stitching everything so it doesn't fall apart. I sewed it all together except the hem and tried it on. And ooops. I didn't make it wide enough for my hips/butt. NO butt jokes here people! Technically I could get it on, but I felt like I was in the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. So after a quick Skype session with my mom, I added a triangle-ish panel in the back, and woo hoo! It fits wonderfully! I'm so excited I got it done in time to bring with me to California! The second dress took me about an hour and a half (not counting the time I had Clint tear out a seam and remove the thread :) I found the tutorial through Pinterest but here are the websites I used as reference:
Elle Apparel - Shirt Dress
Elle Apparel: Questions (for the ties)
Imperfectly Polished

Side note: my computer is temporarily sick so I'm stuck using Clint's lame-o laptop, which does not have Photoshop!!! That is why my picture editing stinks a big fat one! Hopefully I'll fix it soon, so my pictures look better!
Well, I need to pack and rest my sciatica! Toodles!


  1. The dress came out awesome! Love the fabric, and it fits perfectly!!

  2. Hey...its Alyssia. You look fabulous!!! I love that little baby bump that you have...super cute!! I had horrible sciatica when I was pregnant with each girl and resting is the best. Also, laying on a heating pad and propping my legs up helped the most. Also, nice, warm, relaxing baths helped too. Take care of yourself and the beautiful baby girly!!!

  3. YAY! Dress is so cute :) I can't wait to SEE IT IN PERSON!!! Only 15 more hours!

  4. Hey this is aunt Jen. Mom just sent me the link to your blog. The dress is awesome! You look great!