First Baby Things

I love shopping. Most people already know that about me. So naturally I want to go and do some crazy shopping right now! Not knowing whether or not you are having a boy or a girl makes that pretty hard though! So I have refrained from buying too much. Here are a few things we I have purchased or received as a gift:

 Mom sent the Long Beach onesie and beach hat, Lindsay sent the Chico State onesie and socks, and Gail bought the cute fuzzy sleeper!

 When we told my dad, stepmom and sister the big news, we gave them each a present! I bought the cute dinosaur shoes from Target because they are so stinkin cute!

My favorite purchase so far! We are most likely going to end up painting this, but I love it already! 

As you can tell, nothing too crazy yet! But just wait!


  1. My eyeballs can't stop looking for gender-neutral clothing. I can't wait for more shopping!!!

  2. same here! We went to Babies-R-Us and we need to know what to buy!