Week 13

I am officially in the second trimester today!

I had parent conferences all night so I couldn't take my picture til this evening. Hence, the bigger belly! By evening, it really starts to stick out! Somedays the scale says I haven't gained any weight but other days it says I've gained 2 pounds. I go for my second appointment on Monday!

Now that everyone knows the news, I am not so concerned with trying to hide my gut! With that gut growing, I have decided to do a little shopping. Not that I need bigger clothes yet, I just want things that fit better or fit a different style. The tunic sweater I wore today is new from Target! I also got it in another color (creme with thin blue stripes).
  I decided that anything long that goes with leggings is a plus! I also got this new blue sweater from Target that I wore for our pictures Sunday. Here is a picture without me in it:
I bought a few other things, but I'll save those for later!


  1. Love the boots, too. Or as Lindsay would call them, "boops."

  2. God, I wish I was pregnant so I had excuses for shopping and wearing leggings all the time. Sadly that's just what I like to do.