I have not felt this spoiled in quite a while! I got home today to find another package at the front door! My mom whipped up another three things for me! Well, actually for our family. She sewed two baby bags:

This one is definitely my style! Corduroy and funky patterns!
This one is more meant for Clint.
Both have lots of pockets and room. I'm not sure if Clint will carry the one she made for him but I know it will definitely be used. I think Clint is more into the backpack-as-a-diaper-bag-thing. 

Then she also made this cute blanket:

The puppies are meant to look like Zoe if you didn't catch that. It is nice and thick so it can definitely be used as a floor-type blanket. 

Isn't my mom just faboo!?! Here's her blog again if you want to peruse her craftiness (house things, sewing, and more).

Now I'm off to get my sewing skills sharpened...I am going to make a dress! Updates will follow later (as long as it works out!).

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