Happy Halloween & Week 16

Yesterday was officially week 16 but I was too busy to get to my post. And I know all my fabulous fans wanted an update last week, but I was too busy spending time with my sister in California. 

 We went geocaching in Bidwell Park. We found several but there was one that we just couldn't find!! Lindsay quit early, but I kept searching! Still empty handed. The picture above is the cache we (I) found that looked like a rock.

We love games so we played several rounds of Guess Who.

We love to try on hats so here is one of three hat sessions!

 The last night I was in CA we went to one of Lindsay's friends' house and played more games and then did some karaoke. When we weren't singing "I'm Too Sexy" or "I Like Big Butts" we were the back-up dancers. It was so much fun!

More hats...this time at Target (our fave store).

Overall California was a great time with lots of resting up!

On to more baby updates!

I am currently at 16 weeks. I have gained 3 pounds that are finally sticking for the most part. But luckily I don't have any bad 'side effects' (not sure what to call the symptoms that come with pregnancy). My sciatic nerve pain only shows up when I am being a slug and slouching, which happened on Fall Break a few times :) Now that I'm back to being a productive member of society, I don't lay around as much!

Our next doctor appointment is November 14th! We should be able to determine the gender but don't hold your breath on seeing that news here! We still think that we are going to keep that our own secret but if we change our minds, I'll share here! I'm a little bummed that my gender poll got messed up :( Before it restarted the tally was 9 voting girl and 4 voting boy. Feel free to vote again!

We also got our family pictures from a few weeks ago and I will post them here when I have the actual CD. Can't wait to see and share them!

Another side note - if you are viewing this on your phone, scroll to the very bottom and click on view web version to vote in the poll and see my actual blog design :)


  1. yay, new blog post. I know you're busy getting caught up. Looking good!